Mdchen aus Nepal

With this personal message and with the traditional pressing together of hands as a sign of welcome, the people in Nepal and Tibet would like to greet you. For the people in the Himalaya region respect and politeness are important social factors. Travelers to Nepal and Tibet come here to experience the beautiful scenery and the highest mountains in the world, but are often especially touched by the welcoming and helpful people they meet.

Due to the openness and curiosity of the people from the Himalayas it is possible learn a lot about the difficulties and deprivations of the indigenous peoples. The access to clean water, a balanced diet, medical help and education is in many regions not always self-evident as a matter of course.

In particular, as a result of the widespread poverty in Tibet and Nepal, children often suffer more and need our support in order to improve their future prospects. Our organisation, “Son of Light” therefore carries the additional motto, “Helping Hands for Children”. It is the work of the association of three friends, Alberto Parmigiani, Santa and Shree from Nepal.

You can find out more about who we are and what motivates us on the page “About us”.


You can help with a donation. We will use your money 100% only for suffering Children

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